Condition Scale

The condition of pre-owned clothing can vary dramatically. Some items look better with some wear. Some look better when they are as good as new.

At Genuine Design we try our best to take photos that depict the overall condition of whatever item you're buying.

On top of this we add a rating as to the condition of the item. Our scale is from 1-10, with 10 being the best. Here is a breakdown:


  • 10/10: This item is brand new with the tags still attached. This is as good as new because it is!

  • 9.5/10: This item is brand new WITHOUT tags on it. It has not been worn and is in perfect condition. No signs of wear at all, period.

  • 9/10: Item shows no signs of wear. It looks like it has been tried on or worn one. No holes, rips, stains, etc. This item is like new (except at a better price!)

  • 8/10: Item is showing very light signs of wear. Item is free of stains, holes, rips, or tears of any kind. Items in this condition look great and look like they have been worn sparingly.

  • 7/10: Item is showing light to medium signs of wear. It is clear that this piece is used, however it still looks great. Light pilling or discoloration in less noticeable spots. Little to no staining anywhere. No noticeable holes, rips, or tears. This item looks very good.

  • 6/10: Item is showing apparent signs of wear. This might be a vintage piece that has been loved by its previous owner and shows it. It might have small holes, stains, or rips in less noticeable places. It might have some light piling. These are also rare for us to carry but sometimes items can look great in this condition.

  • <5/10: Anything below 5/10 is usually heavily worn with apparent and significant signs of wear. There might be rips, stains, holes, etc. It is very rare, if ever, that we sell items below a 5/10.