About Us

The fashion industry is something that is all around us. How people dress can be an expression of who they are and what they believe in. From celebrities to yourself to your UPS driver, we all wear clothes.
What you wear can change your mood. It can change how you feel about yourself. Being well dressed in something you love gives you a boost of confidence. It can be the difference between feeling confident in that interview or not. What you wear to the gym isn't what you wear to a wedding (we hope!).
After over 7 years in the luxury retail space, working with larger companies at the consumer level, we'd seen a lot. How amazingly broad the fashion category can be. Luxury makers, models, fabrics, and designs. Our love of fashion was deepened.
What we also saw was a lot of waste. Low end products, or "fast fashion" was terrible for the environment and many workers in that industry. Luxury fashion was prohibitively expensive. And at either end, lots of people were wearing items one or twice and then tossing them. On top of this, fashion seasons were getting hard to keep up with. Products were being released so fast they stopped making sense with how people were living. Or even with the weather that time of year.
We wanted to slow down and take a more sustainable approach. And there are few things more sustainable than buying something that is already made. This saves you from having to make something new!
Our love of fashion, luxury, and sustainability came together to give us the idea of Genuine Design. High quality products, in great condition, when you need them. All without having to send good clothing to the dump. 
While we still purchase and carry some new product here and there if its a unique piece or collection, our main focus is giving great clothing a 2nd home. A new life. What might not be new is new to you.
By searching high and low and working with some of the best clients we can find, we try and stock a wide range of products. From accessories, to shoes, to suits, to floral shirts. We try and carry everything a man needs to look good. And we do so while keeping it light on your wallet, and light on the environment.
Genuine Design was created in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We strive to provide a world class selection of menswear clothing and accessories. We also aim to provide the best customer service possible. We believe that all businesses, regardless of what they're doing, are people businesses. 
We hope to only expand our offerings, our selection, and our services as time goes on.
Genuine Design