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  • TOM FORD Ombre Leather 16 Private Blend Eau De Parfum EDP Unisex Decant Select Size - Genuine Design Luxury Consignment
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Tom Ford

TOM FORD Ombre Leather 16 Private Blend Eau De Parfum EDP Unisex Decant Select Size

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Ombre Leather 16 has been discontinued. It is now considered a rare fragrance.

True luxury doesn’t shout. If you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect leather but been either smothered by an avalanche of powdery florals or slapped around the face by a Cossack’s oily winter boot, then breathe a sigh of relief because “your” leather has finally arrived. Putting Ombre Leather 16 is like slipping into a pair of the sleekest handmade leather Oxfords in the velvety hush of a store you have to ring a bell to get into. 
Enigmatically rich but dry, this is a leather that sings a song of pure, smooth luxury leather, with no excess powder, fruitiness, engine oil, or plasticky saffron to ruin your enjoyment. A touch of violet leaf adds a cool, watery greenness, but overall, this is not a translucent or vegetal leather. Like the ombre effect on a luxury leather jacket, this is a scent that bleeds one note into the next, building to a successively impressive effect – black leather over purple jasmine over earth-brown patchouli over green violets over white moss. The mood might be somber, but this is one leather scent that doesn’t fade out to grey. Like the best handmade leather shoes and well, everything Tom Ford, this is both sturdy and rich.

Ombre Leather 16 Notes

Violet leaf, cardamom, jasmine sambac, black leather, white moss, patchouli.

Important: This is a Decant. The Authentic fragrance of your choice is "decanted" into a generic perfume grade glass bottle (size of your choice). This sale does not include the original designer glass bottle in pictures.